.Installation and repairs made to:

.Shingle roofs: Standard three tab, architectural, specialty, all brands.

.Metal roofs, all types.

.Copper roofs and copper details

.Tile roofs

.Slate roofs

Over years of exposure to the changes in climate, a roof start to break down and can lead to serious and costly damage to areas it was designed to protect.  Unfortunately, most homeowners do not become aware of a roof problem until there is a leak and the damage is often more extensive than it needed to be. 


We offer free roof inspections to homeowners for their personal homes not involved in a real estate transaction for the purposes of determining any current problems that could be occurring. 

Roof Inspection




With over 30 years experience in commercial/flat roof applications, we are confident we can take care of all your roofing needs whether its a carport, industrial warehouse or high-rise structure.  Our company is unique in that we do it all. We keep our over-head low to provide the highest quality at the most reasonable prices.

We provide the following types of commercial roofing:

  • All types of shingles
  • Single ply EPDM
  • Single ply TPO
  • Modified bitumen torch application
  • SA Modified (self-adhered)
  • Cold process modified
  • All types of commercial metal roofing
  • Conklin Coating systems – Select below to view the Conklin Roof Coating website.



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