Conklin Coating Systems

Metal Restorations

A Conklin Metal Restoration (MR) Coating is a multi-faceted system for aging metal roofs. Conklin has the highest yield of solids and is applied at 13 mils. When dried, it is still 13 mils, giving your roof years of leak-free protection. It is a seam-delete system that uses Kevlar, a super-strength fabric that exceeds competitors’ materials such as nylon and rayon. Conklin has been around for over 40 years and stands behind their products, offering an 18-year renewable material warranty on the Puma XL top coat application.*

We also offer membrane restorations.

*Must be installed by a Conklin certified applicator.

The Process

The metal restoration process begins with power washing the roof, removing rust from the surface using a food-grade phosphoric acid, which is environmentally friendly. The second step is applying a rust-inhibiting primer to prepare the surface. Rapid Roof, an acrylic elastomeric coating, is sprayed onto the seams, and a Kevlar fabric product (SpunFlex) is then embedded therein. Fastener-grade caulk (Kwik Kaulk®) is applied to seal all screw heads. The 18-year system ends with a top coat of polyurethane acrylic coating (PUMA XL®). This 18-year warranty is renewable for another 18 years if roof is power-washed and PUMA XL® is reapplied. below reflect the stages of applying a Conklin Metal Roof Restoration System