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Residential Roofs


-Shingle Roofs: 3 Tab, Architechural/Dimensional, Specialty, all brands
-Metal Roofs, all types
-Copper Roofs and copper details
-Tile Roofs
-Slate Roofs


At VOHCARR CONSTRUCTION, LLC, every crew member starts in our steep slope division. Here they learn the correct way to install shingles, slate, tile and metal roof systems according to the National Roofing Contractors Assocation applications and standards (NRCA).  Every member is also instructed in the proper use of safety equipment according to the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines (OSHA).  We are a hands-on company personally training our crews to a higher
standard of installation and safety.

Workers's Compensation and General Liability Insurance policies are kept current and are provided when requested.

  Shingle Roofs

Over years of exposure to the changes in climate, a roof starts to break down and can lead to serious and costly damage to areas it was designed to protect. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not become aware of a roof problem until there is a leak and the damage is often more extensive than it needed to be. 

Shingle roofing


We are happy to offer homeowners free inspections to ensure their roof system is providing adequate protection to their investment. We have the experience and material knowledge to determine if there are potential problems occurring and will consult with the homeowner to determine the best approach to correct any defects or deterioration issues.


Roof Inspection
Johnson City, TN